Electric Dryers/ Dehydrator

Our dryer uses a heat source and air flow to reduce the water content of foods. The water content in agricultural produce is usually very high, typically 85–95% for various fruits and vegetables and 65–75% for various meats. Removing moisture restricts various bacteria from growing and spoiling the product. Moreover, removing moisture from food drastically reduces the weight of the food. Thus, our dryers are used to preserve and extend the shelf life of various products.  Philorenda dryers’ basic parts usually consist of a heating element, a fan and air vents allowing for air circulation and perforated trays to lay the product upon. The dryer’s heating element, fans and vents simultaneously work to remove moisture the appliance’s fan then blows the warm, moist air out of the appliance via the air vents. This process continues for a few hours until the product is dried to substantially lower water content, usually down to 15%.


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