Feed Mixers

Harry Tech Engineering  Feed Mixers are offered in durable, easy to use, energy efficient designs in various models to suit all applications. We offer Mixers in several different types; Vertical, horizontal, ribbon, barrel, double-cone, fodder mixers. These mixers are used for a variety of animal feeds for cattle feed, poultry feed, pig feed, fish feed…etc. The technology used in the designing and construction of these mixers provides exact mixing action to produce a well-mixed product.


Features of the Mixers include:

Simple operation: We manufacture our machines with simple operation and maintenance of the machine with the clients in mind. This way, ease of maintenance becomes second nature hence increasing the service life of the machine.

Corrosion resistant: With the use of high quality steel to manufacture the machines, we have ensured that the corrosion is limited. For corrosive materials, such as salts, high grade Stainless Steel is used.

Larger machines are available upon request

Automated systems are also available in varying capacities


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